Talking Of Languages, Which One Makes You Feel You?

Let’s start the year 2022 on the right foot and wait to see what the new year will bring. Hope it’s amazing!

Life has a wonderful serendipity. Though last two years haven’t been the easiest for all, one can’t deny that it brought people closer to one another and we are now valuing both our relationships and green spaces more than ever. This is my first blogpost of the year, an opportunity to put forth my views on a topic of positive restoration that I have recently come to care a lot about..


Make A Valentine Wish.

Valentine’s day is here! All are excited to create moments of delight for him and her, girlfriend and boyfriend, boys and girls, husband and wife, wife and wife and husbands together. Nobody wants to miss this one opportunity to express how they feel. Creating their own delightful moments by choosing the colour of love… purple for the devoted and committed to relationship, magenta for passion and harmony, yellow for cheer and friendship, pink for fantasy and hope, orange for yearning - like Lady Chatterley’s love, and the most popular - red for love and passion..


Working Remotely From Starbucks.

I've taken to blogging quite recently. This came about a little before 'Corona' made a statement in last couple of weeks and stunned the world into submission. Nature always proves a more powerful killer than man. But man will find antidote. And then our lives will return to normalcy. For now, I am #self-distancing, and blogging remotely from home! Because, sometimes life proves stranger than fiction. Not quite always as you've expected.


Social Media’s Introduction To The World Of Free.

Do you know who was the second man to walk on moon? Here’s his story. No. But I know the first man to land on moon and some about the mission. Not enough?... Have you heard of this man gave up fat pay for social work? See this video of his amazing charity work! Ok.. this video is in circulation for some time now. So, has it inspired you to help the destitute? now – that’s something I’d like to know...


Healing Moments.

Most of us have grown up believing that private hospitals are for families like ours – who can afford to pay, and government healthcare systems are for the poor and destitute where all the treatments are free. Naturally, I too, like you, imagined these to be neglected, unclean, unsanitary and basically run with our tax money, aided by medics and staff who didn’t get better opportunities to be someplace else. Shallow thinking, I know!


What Does Being In A Relationship Mean To You?

You can have happy, fulfilled relationship too. But it takes a little effort, some emotional work and self-reflection.

Things CAN improve when you understand what is wrong? It could be that you are doing your best! Maybe you feel that it’s all your fault? Have all your attempts to fix your relationship failed? Maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds! Often, it is easier to just say ‘Yes’, but you are left filled with self-doubt.


Then I Revived My Hobby Of Painting.

I pursued my hobby of painting to make it into my passion. And to find peace. Painting for me is expressing my heart’s desire and this hobby has taught me the art of keeping myself HAPPY. Every painting is a challenge at the start and on completion it gives me immense sense of happiness and a deep sense of achievement. To transfer the hues and shades of nature on canvas truly soothes my tired nerves and provides the much needed calmness, cutting off all negative-ness in my mind – it’s truly a form of meditation.

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