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This is one of my childhood memories. Every summer holiday our old neighbour’s daughter paid him a customary visit with her family. Whenever she was in town, her lovely friend used to come over to spend a day with her. She was stylish, often draped in a stunning sari, wearing her hair in an elegant low nape bun, sporting minimalist trendy jewellery, walking like a runway model, her sharp click-clack of high heels announcing her arrival and departure. Her sing-song hellos and goodbyes brought all the friendly neighbours out to catch a glimpse of her. She sure was a sight for sore eyes! Secretly, I too longed to be fashionable like her when I grew up.


Wear Another Hat Today – Be A Barber.

Early this week I donned a new hat. My sibling was in a dire need for a haircut, and there was no chance of him making a trip to the barber’s shop. So, I became a barber and cut his hair. It was challenging, it being the first time, but with the right tools it wasn’t all that tough. I was soon followed by my sister who took haircut to a new level by giving her teenage son a classy mushroom cut and her hubby a decent dignified hair trim.

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It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.